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Houston Home Construction: Windows

We have working in and around Houston for many years as a leading construction company. We have built many new homes, additions, and handled countless remodeling projects. If you need new home window construction then we are your go-to company! We will make sure all new construction projects have properly installed windows, and this starts with the wall construction process. Window framing must be taken care of by professional window installation technicians so that there are no drafts, leaks, or other problems. 

Window Framing Houston

We provide the best window framing in Houston, making sure that any new window can be installed perfectly. We can cut new holes into your existing walls or for new wall construction in Houston, we’ll handle all of the window framing as we go. We can accommodate any type of window and make sure the window frame is stable, the right size, and built to last. Window framing must be secure, airtight, and perfect for all new installations. There are ways to fix window framing if it is too small or large, but you can definitely trust Aura to build the best window frames for your new or existing home. 

Window Installation Houston

It is important that your new Houston window installation is handled by professionals. The window must be inserted flush to the walls, secured to the framing, and sealed correctly. We will prevent rain, wind, and bugs from entering your home and make sure you get the best new window.

Window Replacement Houston

We can help you choose a new window to replace your current window. We can alter the framing for any size or shape of window, or do a 1 to 1 replacement of your existing windows. We offer the best window replacement Houston homeowners love, so give us a call.

Windows for Houston Room Additions

When a new house addition is constructed, it’s very important that everything is done right. From the foundation to the roofing, Aura is here to make sure your home room addition construction project goes smoothly. We provide the best new window installation services. For room additions Houston can rely on, you need our professional window installation technicians to visit your property! We will make sure you are 100% satisfied so that your new house addition is built to last by professional home builders. 

Window in bathroom

Window framing construction and new window installations in Houston are a major part of our affordable home remodeling services. A new window brings light into your home, reducing the need for lighting and heating to lower your energy bills. We provide the best Houston window construction and remodeling services so give us a call to start or continue your home improvement project.


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