Garage home addition and garage conversion construction in Houston.

Garage Conversion Construction in Houston

House with shingled roof

A new garage conversion remodeling project is perfect for using your garage as a work or living area, or converting a room or wing of the house into a new garage! We provide the best Houston garage construction and remodeling conversions!

For affordable garage construction and both exterior and interior remodeling, you can trust Aura! Let’s give your Houston home the best garage makeover possible.

New Garage Construction Houston

The best home garage additions, new construction, garage door installation, and other home construction.

You deserve the very best new garage addition for your Houston home. We can build a garage off of the side of your house, the front, or the back. With a newly paved driveway or an existing one, we’ll make sure you can pull your car right into your new garage. Your Houston home value will have even more reasons to increase, your car or truck insurance may decrease with your new garage to protect your vehicle, and you will quickly see why so many homeowners choose Aura for the best garage construction in Houston.

We can use your existing home as much as possible to support your new garage addition and build what is needed to make sure you have a brand new garage home addition. With years of experience in building Houston room additions and new garage construction projects, you can trust us to take your project from the initial planning to a full completion. We’re equipped to handle all required stages of garage construction, including foundations, framing, garage lintels, and more.


Houston Garage Conversion

Convert garage to home office, bedroom, apartment, and garage remodeling

Work from home in a new home office remodeling project. We provide the best garage conversion to office remodeling and construction services. You can rely on us to make sure your garage conversion in Houston is handled by the best construction workers, industry experts, and the most professional interior designers. Your garage can be transformed into a new living room, bedroom, guest suite, kitchen, master bathroom, dressing room, or any other living area or work space you desire.

Want to convert a section of your house into a garage? We can work on any part of your house so that a wing or side of your home is turned into the best garage. We can install new garage doors, automatic garage door openers, safety sensors, and more. 

Garage Roofing Construction

Garage Roof Replacement, Roof Repair, and New Garage Roof Construction

Your new garage construction requires the best roofing. We provide affordable roof construction in Houston, so it’s no problem to us to make sure your new garage addition or garage conversion and construction project includes the best style of roofing. With metal roofing, traditional roof shingle installations, and other options, we can make sure your garage roof is beautiful, strong, and built to last for many years. Aura offers homeowners the very best, affordable, and most reliable Houston roofing repair and installation services. Rain and debris that falls on your roof will easily flow and roll off of your roof, and you should have absolutely no worries about water leaking into your home or garage.

Aura Home Remodeling provides the very best Houston garage roof installations for affordable prices. We start and complete our garage construction & roofing projects on time, and at budget. Call us today for an accurate free estimate for your Houston garage roofing construction!


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