Although our specialty is home remodeling, Aura is 100% dedicated to making sure homeowners can receive the best services possible. We can fully clean your home, making sure to sanitize and disinfect all surfaces and areas of your house. We’re offering affordable full home cleaning to all of our current and new customers so that everyone can feel safe during this crisis. The coronavirus pandemic is affecting all households, businesses, and normal routines. However, we believe that we can lower the burden and ensure your safety by making sure everything is fully disinfected and sanitized both before and after your remodeling work with us, or as a sole service if you require cleaning.

The coronavirus is highly infectious because simply touching an object or surface that has been touched by a contagious person is enough to get you sick. Even without coughing and sneezing, a sick family member, guest, or friend can transfer deadly particles through the air with normal breathing. This is extremely problematic, so make sure you are giving at least 6 feet of space to anyone in your home and cleaning all surfaces, belongings, handles or door knobs, and other parts of your home after each use. If someone in your house is currently sick, suspected of having the coronavirus, or has recovered and you have not fully sanitized the property then you should definitely make sure to use the proper chemicals to kill off all traces of it.

We can bring the proper sanitizing fluids, disinfectants, and other chemicals to take care of your house and ensure your safety.