Home Remodeling for Efficiency & Energy Savings

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Home energy consumption is at all time highs, and so much of this is wasted. In fact, nearly half of home energy used on air conditioning and heating is wasted according to official statistics. These inefficiencies can be fixed with proper work such as ventilation remodeling and related work. Additionally, there are many other small remodeling projects that will help with home efficiency. These will all help you save energy, which in turn saves you money each month on your utility bills.

  • Weatherproofing to prevent drafts or indoor home air loss (losing heating/air conditioning)
  • Energy-saving windows help maintain your desired home temperature without outdoor interference
  • New doors in your home can prevent unused spaces from using heat/air conditioning that’s not needed
  • New wall construction or even wall removal can help with energy efficient heating or cooling

Of course, there are other more elaborate remodeling projects that will definitely help you save energy and money each month. For example, solar panels or geothermal solutions will both help you reduce your electrical or gas use in the future, and the monthly savings from these renewable energy solutions will offset the initial cost of installation over time. 

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When your home is efficient, you can be sure to benefit from using less energy to cool, heat, and power your home. This helps you save money each month because your utility costs have decreased. In addition, it helps you lower your carbon footprint both locally and internationally as your efforts to decrease energy consumption have a direct benefit for the environment. As the world moves closer and closer to regulated energy use, it will be very important for homes to be more efficient and for homeowners to be very energy-conscious. This eventually will not be a choice and homes using too much energy will be forced to simply go without electricity or gas at set times of the day until they can upgrade their home to use “green energy” or other alternatives. Regardless of your stance on these matters, these type of laws will affect every homeowner within the next few decades. It is a very great idea to lower your energy consumption, if not to save the environment then to save money each month.

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Many people are frightened by the setup and installation costs for things like solar panels or other green energy technology. However, there are many other ways to improve your home to be more efficient that aren’t as expensive. For example, energy efficient windows can help prevent your home from losing cool or hot air so that your HVAC systems do not need to work harder to maintain a certain temperature. Of course, there’s also the great benefit of green energy systems paying for themselves over time. Solar panels for example can save so much money in electric that the costs of the panels and their installation are paid off tenfold over the course of a home’s lifetime. This is ideal for younger homeowners or anyone that plans on living in their home for the next 10-20 years.


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