New Window Opening for Home Remodeling and Construction

Windows and Doors for Home Remodeling

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Window and Door Installation

It is very important to make sure that your new window installation or new door installation is handled by a professional remodeling company in Houston. Homeowners deserve the very best service, with professional workers who truly understand what the customer wants. Aura Home Remodeling offers the best in-home construction services, interior design, and many other skilled trades for home remodeling. We can create new door or window openings, remove any existing door or window, and install any type of window or door in your home. While we are there to take measurements and provide free estimates for your new door or window construction, we can happily provide you with more information about our other home remodeling capabilities.


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New Windows for Houston Home Remodeling

New windows need to be measured properly and installed correctly by a professional home remodeling and construction company. Our window installation technicians will make sure any new glass panels are fitting beautifully and up to code for local and state housing standards. We can widen your existing windows, make them taller, completely remove a window opening, or create new window openings in any area of the home.

Our initial inspections will allow us to plan your project completely so that our proper professionals for each home remodeling service can take all of the measurements and specifications that they need. Aura Home Remodeling helps with countless aspects of house remodeling projects and new construction and is equipped to handle any part of the job.

We can take care of your weatherproofing and draft protection, trim design, and painting. There is no need to go to multiple companies to finish the job of installing new windows for your home remodeling project. Aura can take care of you entirely!

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New Doors for Home Remodeling

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Aura Home Remodeling can handle any new door installation or repair for your home remodeling project. We can create new door openings to fit any style or type of door, or even close up an existing door opening. 

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Our door installation and construction experts can assist with choosing the right type of door to fit the style of your home. We’ll make sure everything is within your budget, up to the housing codes and regulations, as well as ensuring each door is a beautiful addition to your home once our installation is complete.

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It is important to make sure that any doors are secure to protect your belongings and family or guests from unwanted visitors. Home doors can be extremely secure, with multiple options for vault-like level of security without sacrificing beauty or presentation. We’ll make sure your security concerns are taken care of and ensure your new security door is installed for your home remodeling project.

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Our company is 100% dedicated to helping homeowners and commercial property owners or managers in Houston, Texas. We are willing to perform comprehensive, honest inspections and free estimates based on those professional assessments. All of our technicians and construction workers are well-trained, experienced, and fully qualified to perform their job duties. We serve the Greater Houston area with home remodeling and construction services.



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