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Outdoor home remodeling projects can really bring your property to life, whether your ideas are big or small! A new deck or patio can definitely be the perfect addition to your yard, letting you host incredible parties in most seasons of the year. As Texas residents, we are truly blessed by fantastic weather, so any homeowner considering a deck remodeling project or adding a patio to their yard is definitely on the right track. Keep reading to learn how Aura Home Remodeling makes dreams come true and handles outdoor home remodeling projects no matter how small or extensive they are.

New Deck For Your Houston Home

Installing a new deck for your Houston home does not have to be expensive. There are multiple options you can consider when choosing what style of decking you wish to have, the size of your deck, and where. For example, doing a raised deck in your front or back yard, or even around your home is less expensive than let’s perhaps a deck on your 2nd floor, with a new supporting structure being built below. However, even larger or more complicated deck additions for your home can be cost effective with proper planning through our affordable home remodeling and construction company.

Here are some questions you should definitely consider and have the answers to before you start your new deck construction or deck remodeling project. Remember, Aura Home Remodeling can help you answer all of these questions with a free estimate appointment! We will supply you with all of the associated costs and details.

For Any New Deck Project:

  • Are you replacing your current deck entirely, or extending your deck?
  • How many square feet will your new deck be?
  • How much additional deck will there be after your deck extension?
  • Is your deck going to be a raised deck similar to a patio, or a higher deck extending from your home and a few feet above the ground?
  • If you already have an existing deck, will the new construction affect the safety or stability of the deck itself or your home?
  • If you live in a housing community, are you allowed to construct a new deck and are there any noise level requirements other than what is legally allowed under local or state law?
  • Would you like outdoor lighting, sound systems, or other additional features?

For Raised Deck Construction in Your Yard:

  • Do you require crawl space under your deck, or will your deck be laid down on a foundation?
  • What materials should be used for your deck?
  • Will your back/front yard deck have stairs going into the yard?

For 2nd Story & Above-Ground Decks:

  • Does the location of your new deck have existing structures underneath to use as the base flooring or supports?
  • Will your deck be entirely on your property? / Will construction of your deck be possible without our company needing permission from a neighbor for access and temporary set ups?

Aura Home Remodeling

Our company has been working with homeowners for many years, making all of their new construction and home remodeling dreams a reality. We are very experienced with deck extensions and new deck construction. We will truly take care of you and help you understand how to plan for, budget, and start your project. More importantly, we will complete your project. We are home remodeling and construction professionals in Houston, ready to get your new or extended deck “off the ground” and ready for some incredible events at your home.


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