Handicap Accessible Home Remodeling

If your home needs to accommodate guests or family members in wheelchairs, walkers, or people with other mobility concerns, you most likely need to change a few aspects of your house. Home remodeling for handicap accessibility involves a few different types of construction and interior design. Houston homeowners that need to make sure their house is safe for their loved ones or themselves commonly build concrete or sturdy wooden ramps, as well as focus on in-home assistance such as handrails, emergency call buttons or strings, and more.

If you are looking for a reliable construction and home remodeling company to make sure your home is safe for handicapped family, friends, or guests, then you have come to the right place. At Aura Home Remodeling, we help Houston residents make sure their physically disabled loved ones and friends are comfortable, and most importantly – safe.

Wheelchair Accessible Home Remodeling

We should be your number one choice if you need to remodel your home to help with wheelchair accessibility. We can take care of all the new construction, modifications, and other home improvement projects that you require to make sure your home is 100% fitted for wheelchair access or walking assistance equipment such as ‘walkers’.

House Wheelchair Access Ramps

Many homeowners decide to have a new handicap accessible ramp installed because it is not ideal or safe to force someone in a wheelchair to rely on another person to lift their wheelchair up or down your stairs. This is not only dangerous for the person in the wheelchair, but it is also not safe at all for the person helping. In case of a fall or a slip, both people may end up getting hurt. It is also not safe because the person helping may not be strong enough, or have a bad back or weakened hips which cause them to struggle and further injure themselves while attempting to lift the wheelchair. One of the most important aspects of home remodeling is to make sure every change improves the safety and comfort of your house… You may want to consider replacing your front or back steps entirely with a safe incline ramp, or maybe building a winding ramp to the side of your steps. There are so many options for making sure your home is wheelchair accessible. Of course, the inside of your home may not be 100% accessible to a person in a wheelchair, but there are many things you can do to make their lives much easier and comfortable.

It is very important to make sure that your wheelchair ramp is built correctly. Although a ramp may look very easy to walk on, it is not always easy for people confined to a wheelchair or walker. In fact, there are fairly precise ranges of incline degrees for home wheelchair ramps. If the angle is wrong and the ramp is too steep, you may find that wheelchair or walker users simply cannot use the ramp safely. For example, this is something that commercial remodeling needs to take very seriously… If the ramp is too steep, it doesn’t even count as a properly constructed wheelchair access ramp. There have been countless lawsuits over this matter, so it is very important that your home wheelchair access ramps are the correct level of incline to avoid safety concerns.

Handicap Railings & Assistance

Adding handicap accessibility handrails to your home is very simple and can be done affordably. The most important thing is to make sure the new rails are safely secured. For example, if you are installing new handrails into a wall to help someone lift themselves up or stabilize themselves, you need to make sure the rails are screwed into wall studs. Even then, that might not be enough depending on the sturdiness of your wall and the weight of the people who require assistance. However, this can all be modified to make sure your new handrails are stable, safe, and strong.

You may want to consider adding these types of railings or grips in places where someone needs help getting up. For example, a very common home remodeling project for mobility impaired patrons is to add handrails and drop-down, wall mounted rails in their bathrooms. Another popular upgrade is to install emergency call lines. These hang down from the ceiling or a small addition in the wall (in case they fall to the ground). When the string is pulled, it will trigger an emergency call and set off an alarm. This is just one of many bathroom remodeling projects you should aim to start if you want to make sure everyone is safe and sound in your house.

Home Improvement for Movement Impaired

There are many small changes you can make to your home to make it more comfortable for the movement impaired or for wheelchair access. You may want to think about adding small inclines to any sort of small step up flooring… This is not a solution for an actual staircase, but works for flooring that has small raises of a few inches. It can prevent a wheelchair from dropping down or needing extra force to go over the small ledge. It also helps with walkers or other assistance equipment, to avoid forcing someone who is movement impaired from needing to lift their equipment off of the ground. Other small changes include door alterations, cabinet lowering, and other modifications that make day to day life a lot easier.

However you choose to improve and remodel your home, we applaud your efforts for making your home safer for yourself or your friends, family, or guests. It is very important to make sure that everyone can safely enjoy the comforts of your home. If you need help with home remodeling for handicap accessibility!


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